Practices That Can Help to Boost Your Mental Health

Our mental health is as important as our physical health; unfortunately, we tend to miss the latter when it comes to taking care of ourselves. While we might have incorporated physical fitness routines into our lives, we rarely get the chance to take care of our mental health.

This is also the reason behind many of the ‘unseen’ illnesses that we have including anxiety, stress, depression and even fatigue. So how can we put an end to this? Here are five solutions that can help you to boost your mental health.

Build a Good Network around You

Even though we might not think too much about this, the people around us play a huge role in determining our mood. Therefore, surrounding yourself with supportive people is always a good start when it comes to taking care of mental health.

If you are an introvert who is reluctant to reach out, you can start joining in activities that helps you to build connections with people. For example, start by joining a small card game with family members after a family night. Once you are more confident, outside your family such as charity organisations and volunteering. This will help you to connect with people and find those who are supportive of you.


We all know that meditation is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to building a healthy mindset. But there are many types of meditation and you need to find what suits you the best.  You can start trying with the basic meditation where you sit comfortably and focus on your breathing as a way to calm your mind.

There are also other techniques of meditation such as focussed meditation. In this you focus on one thing; something visual like a statue or the flame of a candle, something auditory like the sound of ocean waves or rain etc. Research on the types and techniques of meditation and find the one that ‘click’ for you.

Do What You Love

You might grow out of your childhood hobbies as you age but it is never too late to find thing that you love doing. Start reading a novel of your choice, trying a new recipe, taking a walk or going out with your friends.

You might not love the same activities you liked as a kid but it is never too late to try something new and see what brings you happiness. And remember to engage in your hobbies without feeling guilty about it. It is alright to take some time off from your everyday work and instead focus on something that makes you happy and relaxed.


Just like meditation, therapy also comes in various forms. You can talk to your doctor or a counsellor and seek for advice and recommendations for therapists. Remember that it is ok to ask for help, especially professional help when it comes to taking care of your mental health. No matter how trivial you think your mental health issues are, seeking professional treatment will always help.

There are also alternative therapies such as aromatherapy, massage or yoga. Do a quick online search or ask recommendations for aromatherapy products or places that provide yoga therapy in Perth. These cures will help you find a relaxed state of mind and would help you with problems such as stress.

Remember to incorporate mental health boosting practices into your life the same way you will follow a new workout or an exercise routine. This will make your days happier and make you feel more confident about yourself.