Benefits of Prioritising Learning Outdoors in a Daycare Centre

A daycare centre is an ideal environment for your child to learn more about the world around them and they will get to interact with educators and peers which can help build their social skills. You should also consider whether learning in an outdoor setting is an opportunity provided for your child as this can help foster a deep connection with nature.

In a natural environment,

Children will be able to have hands-on experiences where they can experiment with different materials and engage in active play. They can experience a variety of weather conditions and learn how it affects their environment. The educators can use these scenarios to teach them about how the weather affects the world and they will be able to see it which is a great way to understand. Outdoor learning offers a multisensory experience that will help improve emotional, cognitive and physical development in children. They can see the grass grow and the birds and squirrels move about and this will help them develop their curiosity. Nature offers so many opportunities for imaginative play. You can check the outdoor environment provided by kindergarten Kallangur to get an idea of what your child will encounter. Some of the elements they will encounter will be water, leaves, plants, rocks, sand etc. And there are so many opportunities for them to learn problem solving skills.

Hands-on learning is a great way to understand the complexities of their surroundings.

The children can observe plants growing and insects going about their day. Each day can bring with it a new adventure and a new learning experience. For example, they can observe caterpillars and butterflies to see how one transforms into the other. They can also see a plant growing from a seedling. There are many daycare centres that incorporate gardening in their learning programme that helps children understand how the food on their table arrives there. And seeing all of these things will help instil a sense of wonder and appreciation about the natural world. This is the perfect setting to teach them about sustainability and how they can help protect the environment.

There is a closer connection with nature when outdoor learning is incorporated.

And the children will learn how to care for the environment and protect it which will help develop a sense of responsibility towards it. Also, playing outdoors encourages physical activity. They can climb outdoor structures, jump over branches and plants and run around the garden which can help them improve their coordination and motor skills. And they will be exposed to natural sunlight as well which can help provide essential vitamin D. Outdoor activities will also encourage social interaction. Children will play games together and learn to work as a team. This will help them learn to communicate with each other. Nature can have a positive impact on the emotional wellbeing of children. Being in a natural setting allows them to regulate their emotions. And it provides a calming environment for them to relax.