Should You Invest in A Basal Body Thermometer?

Now that you are trying to get pregnant, you’d most probably read about tons of advices about buying a basal body thermometer. Thermometers that are manufactures to measure basal body temperature are promoted and sold exclusively to women who are attempting to conceive.

Why? Because these thermometers are used to track a woman’s basal body temperature (BBT) which is an effective approach to track ovulation, not to mention a cost effective one.

Now that you know the main purpose of these thermometers, you begin to wonder if you should invest in one. Read on to know basic facts about basal body thermometer then decide if you need to buy one (spoiler alert: you probably should).

Useful feature of a basal body thermometer

Not all basal body thermometers are created equal and you might find yourself overwhelmed about which brand, make or model should you buy. To narrow down the choices, think about what you want the basal body thermometer to do for you. There are various features on specialty BBT thermometers that offer value. One of those is memory recall.

If you are someone who frequently forgets to jot down their notes or any other important details that they need to keep track of, a basal body thermometer that has this feature should be in your to-buy list. Viewing the last recorded temperature is also easy, simply switch the thermometer back on. Shop basal thermometer today!

Pros and cons of a basal body thermometer

There are two kinds of basal body thermometer; digital and glass thermometer. Digital thermometers are easier to use, don’t need to be shaken before use, and are less fragile. However, when used on a daily basis, the batteries need to be replaced more frequently than you might think.

You also need to be careful about the batteries because after they expire, you may get wrong readings. There are also thermometers that after a few moths would just stop working for no apparent reasons. To avoid this, invest in high-quality brands that also offer product warranties.

Budget you need to allot for a basal body thermometer

Digital basal body thermometers are not that expensive. You could get for as low as $10. However, don’t expect it to have some useful features like other pricier brands and models. On an average, the thermometers cost from $20 to $30 and a more high-quality one could cost up to $60.

If you opt for glass thermometers, you could buy one for less than $10. Although make sure you buying a non-mercury glass. You don’t need to specifically buy a thermometer that is designed for fertility. As long as you would be able to get an accurate reading for your basal body temperature, it’s good enough.

You need to remember though that using a basal body thermometer could not get you magically pregnant. It is just a useful tool that you would need to track your ovulation to have a higher chance of conceiving by having intercourse during your fertile period.