How To Improve Your Tea Drinking Experience

Most people around the world belong to three of the different types of beverage drinkers there are. One of the coffee addicts who will choose 3 cups of espresso at any point during their tea even if it leads to insomnia.

This set of people usually do not function without their daily or sometimes multiple shots of caffeine during their day. Next up we have the people who would rather drink water or other types of beverages instead of the usual coffee and tea.

How in the world water gives the same kick as coffee or tea in the morning we will never understand? Finally, we have the tea drinkers, whenever we see them are sure to have a cup of tea brewing next to them. Tea drinkers vary, some like plain, milk, strong or even very sweet tea. However, there are now plenty of options you can try. If you are a tea lover then here are some ways to improve your tea drinking experience.

Brewing it right

Tea is best infused when it is put into a steaming cup of hot water, however it is the brewing process that really makes the difference between that first sip that makes you sigh in satisfaction and a sip which brings out no emotion.

It is quite a known fact that tea leaves bring out much better flavour and taste when compared to tea bags. The tea bags are made out of the remnants of the tea leaves and are of lesser quality. If you like a strong cup of tea the recommended time to let the leaves brew would be 3 to 5 minutes. This allows the flavour to be enhanced bringing out the quality and taste.

Don’t add sugar

This might make a few people gasp but rightfully tea should be consumed plain with the jut water if you really like to enjoy the taste. Sugar or other sweeteners such as honey or even milk can sometimes dilute the flavour making it taste different.

However, many people do like tea with sugar especially in the morning to get their bodies moving. In this case adding a little bit of sugar just for taste might make it retain the tea taste instead of making it too sweet.

Flavoured teas

Flavoured teas have become very common especially in the form of ice teas. Fruit flavoured teas are not only tasty and refreshing but a healthy beverage as well. If you want to know about the benefits of fruit teas they help you sleep, relax and even ease digestion after a heavy meal.

While the actual proof of whether green tea actually reduces weight is not proven it does break down fatty food helping it become easily digestible therefore reducing stomach inflammation and the uncomfortable feeling.

Fruit teas can be drunk hot or cold and the sugar content should ideally be reduced in order to retain the fruit flavour. Fruit tea can be drunk at any point during the day making it a healthy alternative to other sweet or fizz beverages.