9 Ways to Improve Your Quality of Sleep

No one likes tossing and turning in bed every night. There may be several things you’re doing thataremaking it hard for you to fall asleep. Everything discussed below will help. Read ahead.

Create a Sleep Schedule

Go to bed at the same timeevery night. You’d program your body into feeling sleepy at a certain time. Choose a time that you normally feel sleepy at.

Peaceful Environment

Where you’re sleeping needs to be very peaceful. The temperature, lighting, and amount of noise in the space need to be controlled. Once you start dozing off, there’d nothing that’d keep you up.

Do you let your pet sleep with you? Consider moving him somewhere else. Him moving around might disturb you.

Cut the Caffeine

Limit how much tea, coffee, cola, and energy drinks you have before going to bed. They’re full of caffeine which would keep you up. It might be a good idea to not consume any caffeine in the evening either, as the caffeine would be in your body until night. What can you have instead? Herbal teas are great.

Kava Roots

Let’s talk about drinking herbal teas before going to bed again. Steep instant kava roots in water and drink the tea. Kava roots have a calming effect that can make you drowsy.

Don’t Smoke

Nicotine is a stimulant. It’d make it harder for you to doze off. Nicotine in your system would cause you to wake up more frequently in the night too.

If you’re trying to stop smoking, you might be using nicotine patches. They’d also make it harder for you to sleep.


Just like nicotine disrupts your sleep, so would drinking alcohol. At first, it would help you fall asleep, but you’d keep waking up in the night. You don’t need to drink a lot of alcohol for your sleep to get disturbed.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising not only helps you stay fit, but you’d also be able to relieve any tension built up during the day. Don’t exercise right before you sleep, as adrenaline would be produced which would keep you awake.


Just like exercising would help you destress, meditating would also help. Try breathing exercises if meditating is not for you. There are quite a few educational materials and resources that you can use for mindful breathing.

Late-night walks are great if you need to get your mind off things.

Avoid Naps

Naps during the day would affect the quality of sleep you get at night. As you slept in the day, you wouldn’t feel sleepy when it’s bedtime.If you must nap, don’t do it for long.

Let’s wrap everything up. There’s a lot that you can do to keep insomnia at bay. Create a strict sleep schedule. Going to bed at the same time everyday would result in you falling asleep at that hour everyday. Don’t eat or exercise right before going to bed as well. And stop smoking – the nicotine in cigarettes would keep you up.