Remarkable Health Benefits of Myotherapy

Myotherapy simply means muscle therapy. It is a type of physical therapy which mainly focuses on treating pain in the soft tissues and restrictions in joint movement. Although Myotherapy looks similar to massage and physical therapy, the techniques used and its effects are a lot different than those two. One doesn’t need a doctor’s referral before going to a myotherapist. You could book an appointment anytime you like to see if it is the right treatment that suits your problem.

Here are some of the amazing benefits one could experience from myotherapy.

Rehabilitation after Injury

Injury can be caused by a lot of factors – from normal degenerative process, accidents, or just false usual body mechanics. It could also vary in severity. For some, it might just be a slight difficulty in movement but others might be left immobilized because of the injury.

Myotherapy helps a lot in speeding up the recovery after injury. A myotherapist will give the patient exercises that would help rehabilitate the injured muscles and practice it until it gets back to its original function and motion. There are good clinics offering myotherapy services in Essendon if you need this kind of treatment.

Pain Reduction

One of the common reasons why people seek myotherapy is chronic body pain. When pain goes on for a longer time, it affects the daily activities and even one’s productivity. Myotherapy helps a lot in effectively alleviating common body aches people experience on a day-to-day basis such as back pain, neck and shoulder pain, and many more. A myotherapist will look into the underlying cause of pain and treat target points to correct the problem and relieve pain.

Better Mobility

Muscle tightness is common among people who stay in the same position for prolonged periods of time such as sitting in front of a computer desk, etc. This problem is caused by stress on the muscles and joints especially when they don’t receive the regular motion they needed. If you’re experiencing this problem, myotherapy is a great solution for it. Aside from massage, a myotherapist also uses different techniques such as cupping and dry needling to improve motion by relaxing and increasing tissue length.

Improves Performance

Improved performance matters a lot to athletes, gym-goers, or anyone who trains physically. With regular myotherapy, one’s performance significantly improves because of better mobility and increased recovery speed of your muscles. You could do more intense sports or exercise and experience lesser after effects with the help of myotherapy.

Helps Prevent Injury

Myotherapy has a lot of great benefits on the body’s muscle and joint functions. It helps make your body move freely and smoothly than ever. With better quality of motion, you could use your body to its fullest movement potential. This means there are lesser changes of injury since you could move your body to its full range of motion.

Help your body reach its optimum potential when it comes to movement and performance with the help of your trusted myotherapist.