How Can Technology Help the Healthcare System?

In the past 2 years the healthcare system has been working at full capacity around the world. Covid-19 is still rampaging around the globe even in 2021 with no signs of slowing down. Technology is an ever-growing industry; work from home would not be possible without it. Almost nothing is possible without the use of technology, it helps is gaining more access, sorting and storing information.

However, is there a link between technology and the healthcare system and if so, how beneficial has it been? A hospital or medical institute deals with 100s of patients daily. Recoding new information, adding new patients and storing new information every few minutes. The use of an integrated platform that helps these institutions record all this information is a huge advantage. Here are some ways of how.

Information is permanently stored

If you have been to a hospital or medical institute then you know that there is something known as a patient file. It is a record of all your medical history and prior visits, so that when you do visit the next time the person looking through your file is up to date.

However, with the increase use of technology many of those patient files have become soft copy files where they are stored on a computer instead of using paper. This way anyone who sees in a hospital has access to your information in cases of emergency or consultation. It reduces the amount of backlog and provides an efficient system of storing new information.


The healthcare system and insurance have a very strong connection. Patients claim their hospital bills to insurance companies daily and each of them require their own procedures. The traditional way of claiming insurance would be to put your healthcare provider in contact with your insurance company.

However, technology has helped companies create and practice management system integration. The platform created helps in easing the insurance claiming process. It is an efficient system for the healthcare provider as they are able to keep track of all the patients through an online system that is stored and sorted efficiently.

Keeping in touch

Once a patient leaves a hospital there is sometimes limited ways in which to keep track of them. Whether they have recently undergone a surgery or use some sort of prohibited drugs there are cases when it is vital to continuously check up on some patients.

Technology makes connecting easy, it provides channels for communication and therefore is useful for healthcare. The integrated system connects patients with the hospital or institute. They provide alerts for when medication should be taken and even the ability to book appointments. It is an ongoing channel of communication to provide aftercare and service. 

Provide e-channelling and scheduling appointments

Almost everything now operates online, whether it is buying your groceries or scheduling your Doctor’s appointment. This online system helps the hospital too, they are able to schedule and give out appointments effectively and efficiently, as all information is stored in one central location.