How Stickers Help Businesses during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, everything has changed a lot from business operations, work routines, classes, and many more. Unlike before when everyone was free to mingle with each other and gather on public places, these days it is the opposite. Social distancing and staying at home are implemented to prevent the spread of the virus and protect the people from getting sick.

Businesses operate a lot different now. For instance, food businesses only cater take outs and still have closed doors for dine in customers. Online shopping is more popular these days than ever. Almost everything can be done conveniently and safely with the help of the internet – from working, studying, buying stuffs, and many more.

Signs and stickers are one of the popular ways businesses can communicate with their customers effectively especially when they can’t talk face-to-face. Here are some of the ways safety stickers can be used to help your business reach out to your customers without face-to-face interaction.

Brand and Label Takeout

Instead of making new packaging for takeout orders, it will be cheaper and easier to put stickers on it. Design an interesting sticker to add some impact to your packaging and make your brand more known even during these times. Aside from branding, you can also easily list the items or features included in the takeout pack with the use of label stickers.

Implementing Safety Policies

If your business is already open for customers, one of your main responsibility is to keep them safe during these times. Social distancing and other safety measures should still be implemented such as hand washing or sanitizing before entering a leaving the premises.

You could use stickers to communicate safety messages to your customers such as reminding them to wear mask, labelling hand washing or sanitizing stations, showing entrance and exit, marking where to stand when in line, and a lot more. That way, you don’t need to go and remind them personally about the standard safety policies that should be done when inside your store.

Display QR Codes

With contactless ordering on the rise nowadays, QR codes have become more popular among businesses these days to increase the range of reaching potential customers and help them order and enjoy your services without even going to your store. You can use stickers to easily put QR codes wherever customers can see – around your shop, on flyers, posters, business cards, and even on takeout packaging.

They could easily reorder products with just a simple scan of the QR code using their smartphones. Many phones today are equipped with a feature that could scan QR codes using the camera itself – no need to install any app before they could use the code.

Stickers have a lot of benefits in businesses especially these days when everything has almost changed. If you’re a business owner, don’t let this feature go to waste and start incorporating stickers in your business especially in your marketing strategies to push your business up even during these hard times.