Neck and Shoulder Pain

Can be the result of many different causes. A few common examples are:

 Postural Strain

Commonly found in the office/admin environment. When we sit all day in our office chair or in front of a computer, our neck muscles are on constant low grade contraction. In small periods this is not a problem. But as the day goes on we may develop a postural strain leading to some uncomfortable neck and shoulder symptoms. In some cases people may develop headaches or pain referral down the arms or into the hands.


Such as in a motor vehicle accident. If the osteopath suspects a fracture you will be required to get an x-ray or even go to hospital. Many victims suffer whiplash, in which case osteopathic therapy can be most beneficial.

 Wry Neck

People usually wake up with a wry neck for no apparent reason. They experience a significant decrease in range of motion. Patients usually find it difficult to turn their head to a particular side. The other side is typically a little easier but still feels fragile. Unfortunately wry necks tend to reoccur from time to time over a number of years. Osteopathic treatment can drastically reduce the amount of time someone suffers from a wry neck.